Atticus ™ Inventory Management
Atticus ™ Inventory Management

Atticus ™ Inventory Management, Supply Chain and Operational Management for the NHS

We recognise that neither “one size” nor “one process” fits all. The physical layout and access to an area can mean that processes need to be flexed and therefore the software needs to be able to be configured to work with differing processes in different areas, whilst retaining one solution. The needs will vary considerably from a Theatres complex through to an individual ward. There need to be multiple data capture options, each suitable dependant on the level of data that needs to be captured, or the best process to achieve the desired outcome. We currently offer a range of data capture options, and continue to work to expand that range, so we can offer a solution that can incorporate a “top-up” replenishment process through, electronic Kanban, to fully patient level tracked data collection, an RFID tracking for UDI medical devices.

The solution is modular. The Inventory Management module is available in AtticusTM Starter, Base, Advanced and Premium functions and any additional modules are agreed for implementation with the client during the projects initial scoping. AtticusTM looks to maximise the benefit of the ERP platform for all areas involved in the Supply Chain within a Trust, and can be extended to supporting the developing “Regional Trust Procurement Economy” where more collaborative procurement and supply chain management (information) is desirable.

The financial modules of the ERP platform ensures that the solution can be set up to support data collection for “Service Line Reporting” and “Patient Level Costing”, a key requirement in today’s NHS.

The standard Microsoft ERP platform is functionality rich (more so than other solutions in the market) with a clear and continuing development roadmap from Microsoft. Combined with the flexibility to choose from a range of data capture devices, this ensures the client benefits from this significant investment in product development and a solution that remains at the forefront of software and data capture innovation.

Implementing these solutions in a challenging Healthcare environment requires a concomitant change management project that may be significant. Ingenica brings significant experience of working within the NHS to deliver successful solutions and understands that software implementation is only a small part of the larger project. Different customers may have different requirements within the change process, ranging from requiring a limited level of support to being fully supported. Ingenica are able to offer and advise the degree of support you may need. Ingenica has recognised the benefits of utilising key aspects of ERP in the Healthcare environment, particularly those proven, well developed solutions that have delivered efficiencies and cost savings in their commercial equivalent, bringing significant improvements to back office efficiencies and front office applications. Ingenica believe that focussing on Inventory Management as a core competency is essential to deliver improvement in Supply Chain Management.

Flex your solution not your organisation

We don’t need you to adopt the additional costs of an external warehouse, or to carry the additional costs of product breakdown for put-away. Uniquely in the market, we believe the solution should fit the way you may need to work and not force, in to a set process or need you to invest additional costs in the external supply chain to feed the needs of the solution. Fit the solution to you, not your organisation to the solution. Indeed it is our recommendation that Healthcare organisation need to ensure that the internal supply chain is as efficient as possible, before they can really understand whether external storage and management is cost-effective. Our basic message is clean up your internal holding, processes and data before committing, because until you have a clear picture of your usage patterns and the effective you can drive internally you can’t really understand the benefits. Consolidated ordering, commitment ordering, and review of how supplies are moved around the organisation can be more beneficial without those costs.

Supplier Independence

Our solution offers the ability to have one solution for all areas of an organisation, and a solution that is supplier independent. This means you are not tied to the contracts that the solution supplier may provide and those alone. The provision of some systems is labelled as “free” but in reality you are confined to their contracts and terms and consideration needs to be given to what happens when that contract finishes.

True supplier independence means that you are in-control of the solution and the data, where and how you can use it and in control of the costs. Putting yourself in control means a that you can start to look at different relationships with all your suppliers, whether that is revenue generation from access to your data, different payment relationships based on giving access through supplier portals. Don’t forget the importance of your data to the suppliers in planning their requirements and with consignments you will be paying the additional costs they have in holding that stock, checking and managing it, all suppliers have to consider the “cost to serve”.