Flexible, future proof & scalable
Flexible, future proof & scalable

ERP Healthcare Inventory Solution

We have chosen the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP platform that offers not only extensive functionality out of the box, but a development environment that has enabled us to develop a dedicated Healthcare Vertical specifically addressing he needs of Healthcare organisations today and in the future.

Adoption of Microsoft platform gives us significant advantages over other solutions in the market, including the multi-million annual development spend that Microsoft invest in their product range, and the evergreen policy that ensures a fully maintained customer always has access to the next release of the solution, truly proving a future proof solution for many years and a sound investment with proven returns.

The solution can be implemented locally in one area/department, Hospital wide, or over a number of Hospitals, it does not require the additional investment of an external warehouse or modification to your external supply chain, but additionally can support these too.

A distinct advantage of utilising a full ERP platform is that it gives further opportunities for the client to take add more value to their investment by taking usltlising the later additions to the installation as enabling the client to grow into a full operational management solution so providing more opportunities to create savings and efficiencies, through operational efficiency. Inventory management can be the end or the start of the journey.

We allow Customers to effectively manage inventory (cost), but without compromising service delivery or adding to staff workload. The needs in this area are changing and will continue to evolve with government initiatives for greater efficiency and information the investment made in the solution for the Trust needs to be able to meet those requirements and grow with the Trust. The Ingenica team are already working on the features you will need in the future.