Our Mission Statement

“Ingenica Solutions’s mission is to provide superior quality healthcare solutions, designed to meet the specific challenges of the Healthcare environment, delivered by a pioneering team to reward our customers with significant returns on investment. Ingenica provides high return, high quality back office solutions and services that help health organisations manage their business more effectively and efficiently.”

More about Ingenica’s mission:

Ingenica Solutions is a dynamic company with ambitious plans to help change the NHS procurement landscape, and back office efficiency.  The Ingenica 360 solution enables visibility, reduces costs & improves patient safety. We are saving the NHS millions by delivering real change in today’s challenging healthcare environment encompassing procurement, supply chain, inventory & data management.

Founded by David Ford and Nicola Hall, with proven credentials and almost 50 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Ingenica Solutions is empowering organisations to improve their procurement practices and deliver more for less.

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