RFID Journal – Royal Cornwall Hospitals to Boost Surgical Safety With RFID

The United Kingdom’s NHS Trust is launching a UHF RFID system from Ingenica Solutions to track implants received, stored and then placed inside patients, to reduce manual efforts for tracking the high-value devices, while also increasing patient safety.

RFID Journal Nov 28, 2017

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust is launching a radio frequency identification system to track high-value implants used during surgery, in order to ensure that they can be accounted for at all times—before they are implanted into a patient, during a surgical process and after a patient goes home. The technology is part of the United Kingdom’s Scan4Safety program, in which GS1 bar-code or RFID technology is used to uniquely identify parts and thereby ensure that the right products are used with the correct patients, and that they can be traced in the event of a recall. The aim is to reduce the incidence of errors, as well as the amount of labor time hospital personnel spend tracking products, including medicines and implants.

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