Press Release: University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust selects solution to track and trace products

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) has selected Ingenica Solutions’ award-winning inventory management solution, Ingenica 360 IM, for implementation across the Trust.

Ingenica Solutions’ 360 IM enables visibility and control of all products moving into and out of the hospital, including a wide range of medical equipment.  The ability to track and trace products will enable UCLH to improve inventory and supply chain operations, improve efficiencies, and enhance patient safety.  It allows UCLH to have a better understanding of what products are being used, when, where, and ultimately on which patients.

Ingenica Solutions’ 360 IM has excellent credentials, and as the first GS1 certified inventory management solution in the UK healthcare market it will help the Trust fulfil industry GS1 standards and the Department of Health’s Scan4Safety requirements, whilst also providing the team with the tools to manage a highly complex supply chain.

Adrian Buckingham, deputy director of procurement and supply chain at the Trust said, “UCLH is one of the most complex NHS trusts in the UK.  We are committed to delivering top-quality patient care and as such we have taken time to ensure that our inventory management partner meets the current and future needs of the Trust.  We are looking forward to working with Ingenica Solutions.”

Chris Tossell, Ingenica Solutions said, “Ingenica Solutions is passionate about enabling change in the NHS using technology.  We work with many NHS trusts and have achieved enormous success, helping them secure much needed improvement to procurement and supply chain operations.  We are confident that our solution will enable UCLH to achieve greater efficiencies.”


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