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Trusts that are serious about effecting change choose Ingenica Solutions. We aren’t simply a technology company – We offer much more than that. We provide change management through focusing on partnership, efficiency and making sure we deliver real results.

Ingenica has been working with trail blazers such as Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust to evolve NHS supply chain practices, data & procurement to effect major change & efficiencies long before it became fashionable (download our case studies to learn more about these trail blazing customers). As such we have a real in-depth knowledge of what it takes to deliver real success:

We are an organisation with vision and, as such, our solution is designed not just to meet your needs today, but to be a solution that grows with you and continues to lead innovation of the healthcare back-office & help drive efficiencies. Our technology platform is modern and flexible and we have built a standard product that is configurable to meet the different challenges of a fast-moving healthcare environment.

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